Meet Our Team

With a team from all over the world based in Korea, culture is a critically important aspect of our Center for Quantum Nanoscience. We are an international research center with English as the working language. To enhance fundamental communication, we provide advanced English and beginner Korean language instruction. To ensure a smooth start at QNS we provide comprehensive onboarding for our center for all new members and Korea for new international members along with extensive resources via our intranet. Since culture is a living part of any organization, we hold annual meetings to deeply examine our culture and vision as QNS.

To maximize QNS’s scientific output, our Operations (Ops) Team ensures the smooth functioning of the center while relieving researchers of every administrative burden possible. Our motto is to “let the scientist focus on the science.”


Andreas Heinrich

Director & Distinguished Professor

Michelle Randall

Director of Operations & Public Information Officer

Team Leaders

Yujeong Bae

Quantum Properties of Individual Spin Systems on Surfaces

Taeyoung Choi

Development of NV center-based scanning magnetometry at low temperatures

Jungseok Chae

Optics combined scanning probe microscopy

Fabio Donati

Ensemble Measurements of Spins on Surfaces

Soohyon Phark

Quantum Properties of Individual Spin Systems on Surfaces


Minsu Seo

Technical Researcher

Mina Lee

Safety & Facilities, Research Equipment Management

Sangwon Yoon

Technical Researcher

Soonhyeong Lee

Technical Researcher

Jihee Min

HR Management

Seokyong Choi

Event Management

Sunny Kim

Outreach Management

Mariia Krylova

IT Management

Kyojong Lee

Budget Management

Juhyun Jung

Budget Management

Hyewon Kyung

Research Equipment Purchasing Management

Currently on Leave:

Lei Fang

Technical Researcher

Kyra Panagapko

Communication and Media Management

Post Docs

Wonjun Jang

Christoph Wolf

Philip Willke

Xue Zhang

Denis Krylov

Franklin Cho

Luciano Colazzo

Luciano Colazzo

Yu Wang

Yu Wang


Ester Nijrolder

Ester N

Jinoh Jung

Jinoh-Jung1 (1)

Tobias Bilgeri

Jinoh-Jung1 (2)

Graduate Students

Safa Lamia Ahmed

Jinkyung Kim

Jiyoon Hwang

Hong Bui

Shinjae Nam

Yejin Jeong

Do Thi Nga

Jisoo Yu

Jisoo Yu