Postdoctoral Researcher

Valeria Sheina

Research Areas
My previous work was related to studies of dopants in semiconductors allowing to encode qubits for quantum technologies. Br dopants in layered MoTe2 materials were of particular interest because of their strong spin-orbit coupling producing spin-valley states. By means of STM I demonstrated that the dopant is hybridized with Q-valleys of the conduction band and that the dopant’s spin has a nanoseconds coherence time, as shown by standard ESR.

At QNS I am working on quantum structures composed of single atom qubits on a 3ML MgO substrate. The principal goal is to build a promising structure allowing control of the spin states and quantum logic gate operations. My work is also dedicated to simulation, an essential tool to develop a reliable model ensuring the description of experimental investigations.

"Je suis de ceux qui pensent que la science a une grande beauté.”

- Marie Curie

2018 – 2022
PhD in Physics, Paris-Saclay University, France
2016 - 2018
Master Degree of Science in Solid state physics and Nanomaterials, Nouvelle Sorbonne University, France
2013 - 2016
Bachelor’s degree of Science in Physics and Chemistry, Pierre and Marie Curie University, France
2022 - Current
Postdoctoral researcher at Center for Quantum Nanoscience(QNS), Institute for Basic Science(IBS), Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea