Welcome to our NanoKOMIK webpage! Explore the world of quantum nanoscience with a fun comic book and engaging hands on experiments!

Quantum nanoscience is becoming more of a part of our daily lives as technology advances and the devices we use get smaller. It is becoming impossible to make devices such as smart phones or computers without understanding quantum mechanics and nanoscience, since device components are shrinking to nearly the atomic scale. The IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience at Ewha Womans University (QNS) performs research that is laying the foundation for the quantum future. QNS invites our next generation to explore how quantum nanoscience may change our world by offering schools in Korea an interactive project called “NanoKOMIK”.


NanoKOMIK Book

The original NanoKOMIK is a comic book developed by QNS’ collaboration partners in Spain, Donastia International Physics Center (DIPC) and CIC-nanoGUNE. They held a contest for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 to create their own comic superheroine or superhero, endowing them with nano powers. Based on the best ideas from these stories, a comic book was developed by professional authors. With its partners’ generous encouragement, QNS translated NanoKOMIK for Korean school classes to use.

NanoKOMIK Curriculum

In order to make the nano experience even more interactive, QNS worked with teachers to develop 20 hours of middle school curriculum based on the topics in NanoKOMIK. In Korea there is a system called ‘free semester’ during the first year of middle school, where students can pick a subject they like and spend two hours every week exploring it. Teachers are able to engage in topics that are not covered by the normal school curriculum. Examples of popular subjects have included: magic, tourism, software coding, acting, etc… QNS is making this NanoKOMIK curriculum available as an invitation for middle school students into the realm of quantum nanoscience, filled with experieNanoKOMIKntial learning, and based on stories written by their peers.

Using this curriculum, learners will actually experience nanotechnologies shown in NanoKOMIK with fun hands-on activities. This will help them to understand how nanoscience and quantum mechanics influence their daily lives. If this really excites them, they can learn about the jobs related to this field and possibly have a class visit to the labs at QNS! This curriculum is a great resource for not only the ‘free semester’ but also any type of science classes.



  • NanoKOMIK book copyrights: DIPC (Donostia International Physics Center), CIC-nanoGUNE (Nanoscience Cooperative Research Center)
  • NanoKOMIK educational curriculum copyright: the IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience at Ewha Womans University (QNS)
    • Korean middle school teachers who developed the curriculum: Won Rae Jang, Shin Young Lee
    • NanoKOMIK curriculum project manager: Sunny Kim (QNS)