Fig.1 Quantum Nanoscience
The Center for Quantum Nanoscience focuses on the exploration of the intersection of quantum science and Nanoscience. Quantum nanoscience is a rather broad field, encompassing many research areas including quantum materials, molecular magnetism, and the theory of open quantum systems. While all of nanoscience is intrinsically governed by quantum mechanics, the explicit use of the phenomena based on quantum-coherence such as superposition and entanglement has been rather limited to date. In the Fall of 2018, QNS organized a workshop with some of the world’s experts in this field in order to define these research terms more clearly. We established that one of the goals of the broader quantum nanoscience field is the explicit use of quantum coherence, a subtopic that we called quantum-coherent nanoscience. QNS has a very strong effort in quantum-coherent nanoscience and a relatively small effort in quantum materials. Even the research field of quantum-coherent nanoscience is broad and encompasses work in molecular magnetism, point defects in insulators, dopants in semiconductors and much more. In a relatively short time, QNS has established itself as one of the players in quantum-coherent nanoscience and probably as the premier research facility to study the quantum-coherent properties of atomic and molecular spins on well-defined surfaces.

*Fig.1 Quantum Nanoscience lies at the intersection of Quantum and Nano science. At its core is research utilizing quantum-coherent phenomena. Adapted from


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