Molecular Spin Design and Synthesis


QNS synthesizes and characterizes single-molecule magnets and molecular spin-qubit building blocks. By combining our in-house expertise uniting synthetic chemistry with quantum physics, we are delivering coherent molecular qubits and innovative fabrication blueprinting. The design and synthesis strategies of model molecular magnets and molecular qubits play a crucial role in unlocking their potential for future quantum information processing applications. By means of advanced organic synthesis toolboxes at our disposal, we can precisely customize molecular structures to exhibit desired structures/properties relationships, for a broad spectrum of applications.

Long-term Goals

• Generate robust qubit-based molecules for on-surface synthesis
• Developing highly coherent molecular qubit networks

Short-term Goals

• Design and synthesis of tailored and surface compatible molecular qubits
• Establish structures/properties relationships to improve the design of future target compounds

Research results to date

Our synthetic chemistry laboratory was created in 2021 and is equipped with cutting-edge research tools for synthesis and characterization. Our team has synthesized and benchmarked unique specialty chemicals, including bis(phthalocyaninato) erbium complexes (ErPc2), and isotopically pure 57Fe phthalocyanine (FePc). Bis(phthalocyaninato) yttrium (YPc2) complexes, among others, constituted a molecular spin testbed for the surface ensemble ESR and several other STM experiments.

Chemistry Laboratories

Over 200 square meters of chemistry laboratories with the ability to synthesize, purify and characterize chemical compounds. The laboratories are fully equipped with a wide range of specialized glassware, equipment, and workspaces.