Careers in QNS

QNS is seeking talented students and postdocs ready to explore and thrive.

Our members craft professional development plans and work closely with senior scientists and advisors to achieve them. We offer the opportunity to attend many workshops and seminars to learn at the cutting edge and build professional networks with scientific leaders from around the world.

QNS offers a dynamic research environment with state-of-the-art facilities for high-precision experiments exploring quantum behaviors at the atomic scale in our multidisciplinary center that spans physics, chemistry and theory.

If you share our passion for discovery keep reading about opportunities at QNS.

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Researchers

We are continuously recruiting highly qualified and motivated postdocs to join our team.

  • ESR-STM lab
  • Theory lab
  • Optics-STM lab

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QNS provides several opportunities for students at different levels of education, including undergraduates, graduates, and interns.

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Our alumni have embarked on remarkable journeys, securing prestigious postdoc positions at renowned institutions such as ETH Zürich and TU Delft as well as professorships at Peking University and TU Dresden.

International seminars

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Renowned for organizing cutting-edge quantum conferences, QNS provides outstanding networking opportunities. These events provide researchers with unique opportunities to present their findings to the community, enhancing their professional growth and visibility.

Visitors and collaboration

QNS attracts world leading researchers for extended stays. As a result, our researchers have unparalled access to experts.

QNS culture

QNS has a vibrant international culture achieving research excellence and fun. This supportive environment is part of our broader commitment to nurture a multicultural research center where all members feel at home.