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The Quantum Sensing lab at QNS is looking for a postdoctoral candidate. Scanning magnetometry at the nanometer scale has garnered world-wide attention since enhanced spatial resolution in magnetic resonance technique will enable the investigation of chemical structures of bio-molecules and materials at the atomic level.

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The ESR-STM lab at QNS seeks for a post-doctoral candidate. Main research projects are to reveal spin structures of molecules and nanostructures with sub-nm resolution using recently developed ESR-STM technique and to coherently control individual spins on surfaces to utilize the quantum coherent phase for quantum sensing.

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Student Opportunities at QNS

Ewha Womans University Opportunities at QNS

  • Ewha Undergraduate Internship

    Available to all full-time Ewha Students studying in a related field. This is a good opportunity to get hands-on experience in the lab and learn from our Postdocs, PIs, and Graduate students.

    Apply via Ewha’s “Physics Department”

  • Become a QNS Graduate Student

    Available to all Ewha Students.
    Ewha Womans University and QNS offer a graduate student placement. If you are an Ewha graduate student who is interested in doing your research in the field of “Quantum Nanoscience” you are welcome to apply!

    Apply via Ewha’s "Office of Admissions"

  • International Summer School Internship Program

    Available to International Students through the Ewha Summer School program who are studying outside of Korea.
    This summer school program allows you to take classes related to Quantum Nanoscience that are taught by experts at QNS. Some students who enroll in the summer school have an opportunity to apply for the QNS Internship program, where you can receive experience working in our labs.

    Apply via Ewha “Office of International Affairs"

  • High School Student Program "High Ewha, Hi Ewha"

    Available to Korean High School Students.
    A one-day domestic summer program for Korean high school students.

    Apply via Ewha "Office of Admissions"

    Non-Ewha Student Opportunities at QNS

    • International Student Research Stay

      This opportunity is provided by QNS for International students to come to QNS for a research stay. Requires advisor’s approval.

      Apply via email |

    • Domestic PhD Korean University Research Stay

      This opportunity is provided to graduate students in Korea to QNS as a researcher. Requires advisor’s approval.

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