'Spin Streamer YouTube'

The Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) holds an art contest called 'SPIN ART' to share the excitement of basic science with you. Here, we present 4 candidates of the final round for the 'Spin Streamer YouTube Prize.' The concept of quantum science exists in our daily lives, and the artists expressed the beauty of it in their own voices.

* Host: IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) at Ewha Womans University.

1. Singlet & Multiplet (Winner)

[Artist's statement]
Team Moiré sees an individual's shape as a 'Singlet', and the various identities that exist within it as 'Multiplet'. 'Singlet & Multiplet' connects the process of discovering and embracing various aspects of ego with quantum mechanics. We all have multiple egos that overlap inside, and the egos leave traces on the relationships we form and the space we live.
Quantum mechanics and ego are aligned in the sense that they both discuss the nature of science and philosophy. They also share common ground on it being imperceivable; quantum mechanics regard the microscopic world, and ego is our invisible, internal self. Team Moiré expresses these characteristics through video using the basic elements of art—points, lines, and planes—and narrates the story through performance.

2. Two and Only

[Artist's statement]
Two and only, one but two. You and I may be two different ones, or the same one.
Looking at the twins Dana and Danyoung, I thought they were the same but also different. When I see Dana I could see Danyoung, and vice versa. In the spin, two completely different things coexist and make a superposition. Each half is the other, but both halves have their own personal traits. Therefore, they look like one, but at the same time they can be completely different two. Also, due to entanglement, which states that you can know one if you know the other, they can feel each other no matter how far apart they are. The twins seemed to know each other even if they were in two separate worlds. In the video, I used swings and inserted animation lines and texts that moved in opposition to imply the movement of the pendulum. By combining the two layers of video, I tried to highlight the traits of the twins. I filmed each scene with half of the actions at a time so that I could contain the properties of spin. For background music, I used the same notes in two different octaves to emphasize that the twins are similar but different.

3. CALL 11

[Artist's statement]
This work is a digital stop motion animation; one episode that can be imagined assuming an infinite universe, a many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. The universe is dividing into infinite quantum mechanical possibilities every moment, resulting in multiple Earths. This tells us that we can discover other beings beyond the invisible world. The other beings can be us, and it is able to overlap in each world like the characters in the episode. Then, can we say that these other people are the same as us? If there is a difference from them, from what perspective can you say so? I hope this short story will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about quantum mechanical possibilities and the relationship between us and other beings.

4. A small circle

[Artist's statement]
An atom is expressed in a small circle and exposed in the middle of the screen to express the quantum characteristics that occur around it. The circle starts to spin and the story starts. It represents the nature of discontinuity, overlap, and entanglement, and these movements are both particles and waves. Quantum can only be known with probability. This probability exists indefinitely. It's about our stories that we don't know. I finished it by expressing it like various planets in space.