Facility and Equipment

Our Facility

A Revolutionary New Facility for the Next Generation of Research

In association with Korea’s Institute for Basic Science, world-renowned quantum scientist Andreas Heinrich and his team are reaching new frontiers in atomic research. A state-of-the-art facility on the campus of Ewha Women’s University in Seoul gives QNS a unique opportunity to push the limits of quantum and nanoscience to new possibilities never imagined before. Committed to shaping the next generation of researchers, QNS is focused on the future of scientific knowledge and discovery.

Research Space Highlights

- 8 scanning probe microscopy (SPM) labs on a separate foundation from the main building:

  • Vibration-isolation facility for high-performance SPM
  • Designed for 3-axis active isolation
  • STM control room with interactive discussion area
  • Tall ceilings for large equipment

- Four clean-rooms for optics / complimentary experiments

- Large basement laboratory dedicated for collaborative research

- Two floors of office space

- Large common-room as a meeting & gathering space

- 5500 m2 of total area for IBS space


Our Equipment