Ewha Womans University’s New Research Cooperation Building Wins National Award

NOVEMBER 19, 2020

The Research Cooperation Building at Ewha Womans University won the Excellence Prize of the 2020 Korean Architecture Award(KAA) on November 19th of this year. The building is the home of the groundbreaking IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience at Ewha Womans University (QNS) and the Artificial Intelligence section of the engineering department.

QNS is a world leader in the area of quantum nanoscience, taking measurements that require enormous precision in phenomenally controlled environments. One element requiring extreme control is the vibrations that humans would never notice. QNS’s director Heinrich worked closely with architects at DMP to design and construct the lowest vibration facility in Korea and one of the very lowest on the planet. Additionally, the laboratories that collect the most sensitive measurements are in a building that is physically isolated from the main building and built deep into the earth in order to minimize vibrations as much as possible. Each of these labs was constructed on a 80-ton concrete block floating on air springs that have an extraordinary dampening effect. Many international scientists visit QNS in order to utilize this phenomenal facility.

The outside of the building is inspired by the ginkgo trees streets on Ewha campus. The vertical lines on the walls are meant to create harmony with the forest on the hill that the building is standing on. This building is built with two sides, one for QNS and the other is for the engineering department. The soaring atrium between the two sides facilitates building a new, thriving research community at Ewha Womans University.