Research Fellow

Jungseok Chae

Jungseok Chae is an expert on nanoscale spectroscopies characterizing materials and devices. He studied edge current on graphene devices using scanning gate microscopy and many body physics in graphene using scanning tunneling spectroscopy. He characterized photovoltaic and plasmonic materials at nanoscale using optical spectroscopy combined with atomic force microscope. He also applied a new concept of nano-fabricated force sensors for nanoscale optical spectroscopy enabling increased force sensitivity and real time measurement. As a research fellow at Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), his research interests focus on the magnetic instability measurement of single atoms and molecules using spin-polarized atomic force microscopy and the charge relaxation time of single defects on semiconductors using optics combined scanning tunneling microscopy.
“Be confident with what you achieved.”

- Young Kuk

PhD in Physics, Seoul National University, Korea
MS in Physics, Seoul National University, Korea
BS in Physics, Seoul National University, Korea
2017 - Current
Research Professor at Center for Quantum Nanoscience(QNS), Institute for Basic Science(IBS), Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2013 - 2016
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NIST, USA
2010 - 2013
Postdoctoral Research Associate at NIST, USA
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