STM topographic image

Selective resolution of phonon modes in STM-IETS on clean and oxygenadsorbed Cu(100) surfaces


Minjun Lee, Myungchul Oh, Hoyeon Jeon, Sunwouk Yi, Inhae Zoh, Chao Zhang, Jungseok Chae, Young Kuk
Surface Science 689, 121451 (2019)


The observation of surface phonon dispersion using local probes can provide important information related to local structural and thermal properties. In this study, surface phonon modes on a Cu(100) surface were measured using the inelastic tunneling spectroscopy of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM-IETS) with atomically sharp tips. Different phonon modes were selectively measured depending on the structures of the probing tips or the surfaces. Two different surface phonon modes, at 19.0 meV on a clean Cu(100) surface and at 13.5 meV on an oxygen-adsorbed Cu(100) surface, are explained by the selection rules. Additionally, the spatial variation in STM-IETS showed surface stress relaxation.