Selective resolution of phonon modes in STM-IETS

Selective resolution of phonon modes in STM-IETS on clean and oxygen-adsorbed Cu(100) surfaces


Lee Minjun, Oh Myungchul, Jeon Hoyeon, Yi Sunwouka, Zoh Inhae,Zhang Chao, Chae Jungseok, Kuk Young
Surface Science 689, 121451 (2019)


The observation of surface phonon using scanning probe microscopy can provide important information related to local structural and electrical properties. In thisstudy, surface phonon modes on a Cu(100) surface were measured using inelastic tunneling spectroscopy of scanning tunneling microscopy. One phonon mode wasmeasured at 3.6 meV on a clean Cu(100) surface. On an oxygen-adsorbed Cu(100) surface, another phonon mode was measured at 13.5 meV. This phonon mode wasconsidered to be enhanced by the symmetry created by Cu-missing rows. The spatially varying d2I/dV2 map showed the effect of surface stress relaxation.