Assistant Professor

Fabio Donati

Fabio Donati’s research focuses on the magnetism and quantum coherence of surface-supported individual atoms and molecules. His main achievement is the discovery of magnetic stability in single rare earth atoms, a result that proves the possibility of downscaling magnetic memories down to the ultimate limit of an atom. His experimental expertise includes X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD), Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and Electron Spin Resonance (ESR).
“There are only two possible conclusions: if the result confirms & hypothesis, then you have just made a measure. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you made a discovery"

- Enrico Fermi

PhD in Radiation Science and Technology, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
MS in Physics Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
BS in Physics Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
2019 - Current
Assistant Professor at Center for Quantum Nanoscience(QNS), Institute for Basic Science(IBS), Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2017 - 2019
Research Professor at Ewha Womans University, Research Fellow at the IBS center for Quantum Nanoscience
2011 - 2017
Post-Doc at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
2010 - 2011
Post-Doc at Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Max Auwärter Award (Austrian Physical Society)
S. Reale, A. Singha, S. L. Ahmed, D. Krylov, L. Colazzo, C. Wolf, C. S. Casari, A. Barla, E. Fernandes, ...
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Fabio Donati, Marina Pivetta, Christoph Wolf, Aparajita Singha, Christian Wäckerlin, Romana Baltic, Edgar Fernandes, Jean-Guillaume de Groot, Safa Lamia Ahmed, ...
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Aparajita Singha, Daria Sostina, Christoph Wolf, Safa L. Ahmed, Denis Krylov, Luciano Colazzo, Pierluigi Gargiani, Stefano Agrestini, Woo-Suk Noh, Jae-Hoon ...
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Aparajita Singha, Philip Willke, T. Bilgeri, Xue Zhang, H. Brune, Fabio Donati, Andreas Heinrich & Taeyoung Choi, Nature Communications (2021) ...
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Fabio Donati, Journal of Magnetics (2020) ...
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F. Donati, S. Rusponi, S. Stepanow, L. Persichetti, A. Singha, D. M. Juraschek, C. Wäckerlin, R. Baltic, M. Pivetta, K. Diller, ...
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Michał Studniarek, Christian Wäckerlin, Aparajita Singha, Romana Baltic, Katharina Diller, Fabio Donati, Stefano Rusponi, Harald Brune, Yanhua Lan, Svetlana Klyatskaya, ...
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Iker Gallardo, Andres Arnau, Fernando Delgado, Romana Baltic, Aparajita Singha, Fabio Donati, Christian Wäckerlin, Jan Dreiser, Stefano Rusponi and Harald ...
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A. Singha, F. Donati, F. D. Natterer, C. Wäckerlin, S. Stavrić, Z. S. Popović, Ž. Šljivančanin, F. Patthey, and H. Brune, Physical ...
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Romana Baltic, Fabio Donati, Aparajita Singha, Christian Wäckerlin, Jan Dreiser, Bernard Delley, Marina Pivetta, Stefano Rusponi, and Harald Brune, Physical ...
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Aparajita Singha, Romana Baltic, Fabio Donati, Christian Wäckerlin, Jan Dreiser, Luca Persichetti, Sebastian Stepanow, Pietro Gambardella, Stefano Rusponi, and Harald ...
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