The Center for
Quantum Nanoscience

QNS is laying the foundation for future technology by exploring the use of quantum behavior atom by atom on surfaces with highest precision. QNS is driven to discover and develops scientific tools to in order to create new frontiers in its area of basic science. Drawing on director Andreas Heinrich's scientific leadership, QNS has filled its world class facility at Ewha Womans University with ground-breaking tools and inquisitive minds immersed in a culture of exploration.

QNS enables the curiosity of young researchers as they embrace the risks, patience, and exacting work of basic research in quantum phenomena at the nano scale. We aim to build capacity of future quantum researchers in Korea as well as increase public understanding of quantum nanoscience. Director Heinrich and all team members at QNS respect and appreciate the opportunity IBS provides to support Korean leadership in the dawning Quantum Era.

5500 m2 of Total
Area for QNS
8 Scanning Probe
Microscopy Labs
Facility for the High
Performance STM
Large Common Room
as a Discussion and
Collaboration Space


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22marallday30sepMasahiro HazeInstitute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo(All Day) KST

19aprallday21mayMingee ChungSchool of Physics and Astronomy, the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK(All Day) KST


25may5:00 pm6:30 pmColloquium: Andrea MorelloUniversity of New South Wales5:00 pm - 6:30 pm KST ZOOM Application


The latest from Center for Quantum Nanoscience
Tackling quantum many-body states using an atomically precise, bottom-up approach

Tackling quantum many-body states using an atomically precise, bottom-up approach

Using the breakthrough ESR-STM technique, researchers from the IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience in a US-based collaboration constructed quantum-mechanically coupled artificial spin chains to reveal their quantum many-body states, including the resonating valence bond state ...
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ESR-STM Tutorial This tutorial is for researchers already familiar with scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and are interested in adding Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) to achieve extraordinary advances in resolution. QNS welcomes members of the STM community for research stays in Seoul to learn this technique directly, but unfortunately, this is not possible for many due to the global health crisis.

Our aim is to support the community in adopting this powerful technique, so in light of global travel restrictions, QNS has created this tutorial for you to begin using today.
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