Growth of Multilayer Graphene with a Built-in Vertical Electric Field

MAY, 2020

Min Seok Yoo, Hyo Chan Lee, Christoph Wolf, Nguyen Ngan Nguyen, Do-Hyun Park, Jinsung Kim, Eunho Lee, Hyun-Jong Chung, and Kilwon Cho
Chemistry of Materials 32, 12, 5142–5152 (2020)


Using a novel growth strategy we managed to grow stacked graphene with controlled doping. In such a setup, the graphene exhibits a built-in vertical electrical field which opens a gap at the Dirac point thereby enabling a variety of opto-electronic applications such as tunable infrared detector.


Multilayer graphene is considered a promising material for various optoelectronic devices. To exploit its intriguing electronic properties, an electric field must be achieved inside this material. However, creation of a desired electric field in multilayer graphene is difficult because any external electric field is mostly screened by its outermost surface. Here, we report a one-step chemical vapor deposition method for the synthesis of Bernal-like stacked graphene with a built-in vertical electric field that can be tuned over a wide range. This method can be used to control the optoelectronic properties of graphene in the synthesis stage. Owing to this built-in vertical electric field and Bernal-like stacking, the synthesized graphene exhibits vertical photovoltaic effects, which is very promising for various optoelectronic applications.