Scalable and epitaxial growth of monolayer graphene

Single-Crystalline Monolayer Graphene Wafer on Dielectric Substrate of SiON without Metal Catalysts

JUNE, 2019

Bong Gyu Shin, Dae Hwan Boo, Bumsub Song, Sunam Jeon, Minwoo Kim, Sangwoo Park, Eun Soo An, Jun Sung Kim, Young Jae Song, Young Hee Lee
ACS Nano 13, 6662−6669 (2019)


Many scientific and engineering efforts have been made to realize graphene electronics by fully utilizing intrinsic properties of ideal graphene for last decades. The most technical huddles come from the absence of wafer-scale graphene with a single-crystallinity on dielectric substrates. Here, we report an epitaxial growth of single-crystalline monolayer graphene directly on a single-crystalline dielectric SiON-SiC(0001) with a full coverage via epitaxial chemical vapor deposition (CVD) without metal catalyst. The dielectric surface of SiON provides atomically flat and chemically inert interface by passivation of dangling bonds, which keeps intrinsic properties of graphene. Atomic structures with a clean interface, full coverage of single-crystalline monolayer, and the epitaxy of graphene on SiON were confirmed macroscopically by mapping low energy electron diffraction (LEED) and Raman spectroscopy, and atomically by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Both of measured and calculated local density of states (LDOS) exhibit a symmetric and sharp Dirac cone with a Dirac point located at a Fermi level. Our method provides a route to utilize a single-crystalline dielectric substrate for ideal graphene growth for future applications.