The workshop Quantum Spins at the Nanoscale: Recent Theoretical Advances will bring together international experts in the field of Quantum Nanoscience in Ewha Womans University (Korea) between May 27th and 30th 2019 to stimulate discussion and foster collaborations about emerging physics of Quantum Systems from a theoretical perspective.

The workshop Quantum Spins at the Nanoscale: Recent Theoretical Advances will focus on recent developments in the study of open quantum spin systems at the nanoscale where coherence interactions and topology play an important role.

With the recent development of quantum materials and spin control, it becomes possible to emulate and reveal new complex and intriguing quantum phenomena both at equilibrium but also in the non-equilibrium by driving the systems. Quantum spin control also allows to address fundamental issues related to quantum information theory and spin-based quantum computing.

Invited Speakers:


Daniel Loss - University of Basel
Jelena Klinovaja - University of Basel
Nicolas Lorente - CSIC and DIPC
Guido Burkard - University of Konstanz
Hugo Ribeiro - Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
Samir Lounis - Forschungszentrum Juelich
Fernando Delgado - Universidad de La Laguna
Joaquín Fernández Rossier - Theory of Quantum Nanostructure/INL


Peter Stano - Quantum System Theory/RIKEN
Takahiro Sagawa - University of Tokyo


Mircea Trif - Tsinghua University
Ying-Dan Wang - Institute of Theoretical Physics/CAS
Fu-Chun Zhang - KITS UCAS/CAS


Gun Sang Jeon - Ewha Womans University, Seoul
Dong-Hee Kim - GIST, Gwangju
Mahn Soo Choi - Korea University, Seoul


Andreas Heinrich- Center for Quantum Nanoscience, IBS
Christoph Wolf- Center for Quantum Nanoscience
Pascal Simon - CNRS, Université Paris Sud