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Wednesday, October 12

TimeSpeakerTitle of Presentation
08:45∼09:00 Registration
09:00∼09:05Michelle Randall, QNS & Ewha UniversityFacility Overview of QNS
09:05∼09:15Soon-Chil Lee, Director of Quantum Technology Division, NRFWelcome and Introduction to NRF
09:15∼09:25Keundae KIM, Vice President, IITPWelcome and Introduction to IITP
09:25∼09:35Col Tim Russell, Chief Int’l Officer, AFOSRWelcome and Introduction to AFRL
09:35∼09:45Dr. Tony Kim, AOARDIntroduction to AOARD
09:45∼10:00Andreas Heinrich, Director of QNS, Distinguished, Professor Ewha UniversityWelcome and Introduction to IBS Center for QNS at Ewha Womans University
10:00∼10:15Lt Col Mike Richards, AOARDOverview: US-Korea Quantum Program
10:15∼10:25 Group Photo
10:25∼10:35 Break

NRF Quantum Computing Session, moderated by Kwon Park

TimeSpeakerTitle of Presentation
10:35∼10:40Kwon Park, KIASIntroduction to the Quantum Computing Session

Vito Scarola, Virginia Tech

Kwon Park, KIAS

Hybrid Quantum Algorithms for Quantum Many-body Physics
11:40∼13:00 Lunch

Sunil Bhave, Purdue University

Jun-Bo Yoon, KAIST

Mechanically Modulated Microwave Circulator using Cryogenic-MEMS Switches
14:00∼14:15 Break

John Doyle, Harvard University

Eunmi Chae, Korea University

Towards a new quantum platform based on ultracold molecules
15:15∼15:30Kwon Park, ChairWrap Up – QC Program Q&A
15:30∼17:00 Lab Tour(QNS) and refreshments

Thursday, October 13

TimeSpeakerTitle of Presentation
08:45∼09:00Check In

IITP Quantum Information / Communication Session, moderated by Jehyung Kim

TimeSpeakerTitle of Presentation
08:45∼09:00 Check In
09:00∼09:05Lt Col Mike Richards, AOARDAnnouncements
09:05∼09:10Jehyung Kim, UNISTIntroduction to the Quantum Information/Communication Session

Philip Kim, Harvard University

Young-Jun Yu, Chungnam National University

Waveguide-coupled Interlayer Exciton Condensation LED in 2D Heterostructures for Quantum Optics Applications
10:10∼10:30 Break

Brian Zhou, Boston College

Minkyung Jung, DGIST

Interfacing Miniaturized Superconducting Resonators to Ultra-Coherent Spin Ensembles for Higher Efficiency Quantum Memories
11:30∼13:00 Lunch

Xingjie Ni, Pennsylvania State University

Donghan Lee, Chungnam National University

A metasurface-enabled high-brightness high-indistinguishability single photon source at 1.55 μm

Shuo Sun, University of Colorado Boulder

Kyunghwan Oh, Yonsei University

Nanoscale Quantum Emitters Integrated by All-fiber Optofluidics
15:00∼15:15Lt Col Mike Richards, AOARDWrap Up – QI Program Q&A
15:15∼15:30 Event Hall to the bus
15:30∼20:00 Social: Seoul Tour(National Museum of Korean Contemporary History-Gyeongbokgung -N Seoul Tower)

Friday, October 14

TimeSpeakerTitle of Presentation
08:45∼09:00 Check In

NRF Quantum Materials Session, moderated by Tae Hee Kim

TimeSpeakerTitle of Presentation
09:00∼09:05Lt Col Mike Richards, AOARDAnnouncements
09:05∼09:10Tae Hee Kim, Ewha Womans UniversityIntroduction to the Quantum Materials Session

Vinod Menon, City College & Graduate Center – CUNY

Jeil Jung, University of Seoul

Quantum Simulation using Moiré Exciton-Polaritons

Michael Hamilton, Auburn University

Tae Hee Kim, Ewha Womans University

Engineering Exceptional Points in All-On-Chip Hybrid Quantum Devices
11:10∼11:30 Break

SungWoo Nam, University of California, Irvine

Hong-Gyu Park, Korea University

Near-infrared Quantum Emitters from Strained Moiré Excitons in van der Waals Heterostructures
12:30∼12:45Tae Hee Kim, ChairWrap Up – QM Program Q&A
12:45∼12:50Lt Col Mike Richards, AOARDClosing Remarks

How to get to QNS from Ewha station

Please get off subway line No. 2 (green line) at Ewha Womans University station (이대, Idae).

Take Exit 3, and proceed straight ahead for ca. 5 min to the main gate of Ewha Womans University:

rw 3 (1)

Subway exit 3

towards Ewha Womans University campus

rw 4 (1)

Main gate

of Ewha Womans University campus

rw 1 (12)

From the campus main gate

to the starting point of Ewha shuttle

rw 2 (1)

Ewha white shuttle bus

Only white buses go to QNS

rw 5 (1)

QNS at Ewha Womans University

Research Cooperation Building (last stop)