Talal Mallah

june, 2024

18jun5:00 pm6:00 pmTalal MallahUniversité Paris-Saclay5:00 pm - 6:00 pm KST

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Talal Mallah

Affiliation: Université Paris-Saclay

Research Interests: Inorganic chemistry, molecular magnetism, quantum information, Prussian blue, spin crossover
Title: Chemical engineering the quantum states of mononuclear Mn(II) and binuclear Cu(II) containing magnetic molecules
Abstract: Spin – based q u antum bits may be considered as competitive qubits because their large coherence times. Among the possible candidates, m agnetic molecules based on transition metal ions or lanthanides (sometimes called molecular (nano)magnets) offer unique advantage because coordination chemistry permits limitless tunability of the quantum states in addition to relativ ely large coherence times. T he association of two (or more molecules) with controlled interaction may allow the design of logic quantum gates. We will disc uss the effect of the axial ligand on the quantum states and on the spin – electric coupling in mononuc lear Mn(II) complexes with trigonal bipyramidal geometry. We also discuss the design of binuclear Cu(II) complexes in the perspective of building tunable quantum gates.



(Tuesday) 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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