QNS Colloquium Series / Danna Freedman

Danna Freedman

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Date: November 24th, 2021
Time: GMT 01:00 / KST 10:00
Venue: Online (ZOOM)

Chemically enabled atomistic design of quantum systems
Quantum information science encompasses all areas in which quantum control can impact the world around us. Applications range from quantum computing, to quantum sensing, to quantum communications. Within each of these areas the requirements for a "good" quantum unit differ. Chemistry offers a unique approach to quantum information science, whereby we can harness the atomistic precision inherent in synthetic chemistry to create structurally precise, reproducible, and tunable units. Results in this area will be presented including creating molecules that are analogues of NV centers which we dub molecular color centers. These molecules feature optical read-out of spin information and offer significant promise in the realm of sensing and potentially communication.