QNS Women in Science English communication seminar

QNS Women in Science Group organized a workshop called "Metastrategies for Communication and Other Points of Interest" on July 27, 2022.
A professional English instructor introduced how to commnuicate with others with strategies.

Researchers gave feedbacks as follows.

"I enjoyed it a lot, our speaker was amazing. I love the way he shared all information with us and of course, our woman scientists (plus Jose and O-seop) did a really good job that day. We showed our energy, and our enthusiasm, and those are basically necessary characteristics to become a good scientist." _ Hong Bui (QNS)

"It was fun! Noticing that building good relationships in workplace can be really important was already a big gain for me." _ Kyungju Noh (QNS)

The QNS Women in Science Group will continue to organize interesting events.

Details of the event

Goal: Enhancing communication skills

Participants: Mainly QNS female researchers, students.

Speakers: Duane Henning, EdD
- Duane Henning (Yonsei University)

Where: B1, Jupiter

Talking with others, especially in a second language, can be a huge source of stress. This workshop does not get rid of that stress, but it should help to reduce it. A consideration of the complexity of social interaction begins this workshop, followed by a consideration of likability strategies (that is not as shallow as it seems), principles of light conversation, cultural and sub-cultural considerations, and finishes with by touching on deeper strategies for difficult conversations.
Participants should come away from this session with:
• A general understanding of interaction complexity
• Increased confidence when in “cocktail conversation” situations
• Some useful techniques for improving interactions
• More insight into cultural and sub-cultural aspects to communications
• A basic view of effective ways to engage in difficult conversations

NOTE: The focus of this workshop is metastrategies and underlying considerations.