Post-Doc Position in


The Optics-STM lab at QNS is looking for a postdoctoral candidate. One opening is focused on controlling the spin states of atoms and molecules using the home-built Optics-STM. This system is built in a home-built closed-cycle Joule-Thomson system which operates at 1 K and is equipped with the optical fiber to induce photon into the tunneling junction.

This system is in the construction phase, expected to be completed in 2023 and will be in the testing and debugging phase at the beginning of 2024. We plan to be fully operational by summer of 2024. Candidates for this position should have some experience of optics experiments and a strong interest in developing home-built instrumentation. The research goals include quantum-coherent manipulation of spins on surfaces for possible quantum computing applications.


• Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, or Material Science or related areas

• Excellent experimental skills

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills for interacting with a diverse group of researchers and technical staff

Preferred experience

• Experience with Optics experiments

• Experience with SPM (STM, AFM)

• Surface science sample preparation and characterization

• Interest in living in the Sinchon area in Seoul, an amazing metropolis at the heart of Asia


Benefit and salary information available. For more information please contact