QNS Women in Science _ Identification of the role of women in science

"What is the role of women in science? This is a question that women in the field of science have been asking ourselves for more than a decade. All over the world, groups of female scientists have begun to organize community, where they can express their concerns, feelings, and questions themselves. These groups reflect the collective identity of women who make them up, making them unique. This collective identity that makes us so special is the result of social and cultural relationships that occur within a given community. These relationships lead in different ways to the construction of a “we”.


Details of the event

Goal: Identification of the Women in Science

Participants: Mainly QNS female researchers, students.

Leaders: Corina, Jiyoon, and Thanh

Where: B1, Jupiter

"Whether it's solving a problem or finding a gift, ideas are needed everywhere. The next Women in Science meeting will be all about innovative ideas - how to get them, and how to realize them. We will show you some ways for finding ideas and give you the chance to be creative by yourself. It's all about the creation process, seeing your colleagues becoming creative and so also building a deeper team spirit."