Fellowship FAQ


Q: What is the QNS Collaborative Fellowship?
A: The QNS Collaborative Fellowship is a program that offers an opportunity for highly qualified researchers in quantum coherent nanoscience to collaborate with QNS (Quantum Nanoscience) on innovative projects. Fellows have access to QNS's state-of-the-art microscopic and spectroscopic instrumentation and are paired with senior scientific staff members to combine ideas, technical expertise, and know-how.


Q: What are the objectives of the fellowship?
A: The fellowship aims to facilitate collaborative research projects that result in tangible outcomes, such as co-authored, peer- reviewed publications. The focus is on advancing knowledge and understanding in the field of quantum coherent nanoscience and its applications.


Q: How can I apply for the QNS Collaborative Fellowship?
A: To apply, interested researchers need to submit their research proposals. A template for the proposal will be provided. The proposals will be reviewed by an external committee composed of retired experts in scanning probe microscopy. Only winning proposals will be shared with QNS.


Q: Can I bring a team to the fellowship?
A: Yes, fellows are encouraged to bring a team consisting of a senior researcher (Fellow) and a student participant (Fellowship participant). Long-term research stays are supported, with the Fellow staying for 1-3 months and the participating fellow having the opportunity to stay for up to a year. Housing in Seoul is provided for the fellow and team as part of the fellowship award.


Q: What support does QNS provide for fellows and their teams?
A: QNS provides a collaborative environment with advanced equipment and skilled personnel. Fellows receive support and assistance from QNS's senior scientific staff and engineering staff throughout the collaboration. QNS also provides helpful support and information about visiting and residing in Korea for all the guests.


Q: How is confidentiality ensured during the application process?
A: QNS has implemented a confidential review process to safeguard the applicant's ideas and the creative integrity of the fellowship. Proposals are submitted through a secure website, and only the winning proposal is accessible to QNS after the fellowship has been awarded. Non-awarded proposals are permanently deleted.


Q: What are the deadlines for the fellowship application process?
A: The opening of proposal submissions is on October 1, 2023. The deadline for submitting proposals is January 1, 2024. The notification of the award will be sent in Spring 2024. The first fellow and team will start their research at QNS in Fall 2024.


Q: Are there ongoing opportunities for the fellowship?
A: Yes, QNS periodically announces new fellowship selections. Stay updated with the QNS website and communication channels for specific dates and deadlines associated with new fellowship opportunities. Please note that these deadlines are subject to change, so it's essential to stay tuned for any updates or announcements related to the application process.

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Introduction to the fellowship

QNS’s Collaborative Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for highly qualified researchers in quantum coherent nanoscience. Fellows can apply their creativity to develop ideas that can be realized using QNS’s world class microscopic and spectroscopic instrumentation.


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