QNS received the highest grade from the 5-year review

Sep 14, 2021

QNS has received the highest rating from the first national 5-Year Review.

It is an honor for QNS to receive the highest rating in this evaluation since it was very challenging for QNS to have such results. QNS built the facilities and equipment from scratch while also conducting research for the last 5 years. 

The review is crucial for research centers since it decides the center's existence. According to the international expert panel, “it was easy to give the highest rank to QNS.” We are very happy to receive such positive comments and feedback after dedicating so much effort.

The Korean government announced the “from digital to quantum” plan to lead in the next quantum era. Quantum technologies will be used for high performances of calculations in every field and governmental securities greatly. QNS has become one of the key parts of this movement by engineering quantum bits (q-bits) using spins on surfaces that have the potential to be used in quantum technologies.