QNS Women in Science – 6th Gathering at Han River Park

This was the 6th gathering for the Women in Science of QNS!


Details of the event

Goal: Promote women in science (WIS) from around the world

Participants: QNS female scientists and students

Leaders: Valeria, Jinkyung, and Soyoung

Where: HUB, Han River Park

Promote WIS from around the world
WIS around the world are not as well known compared to our male colleagues. This could be because of gender differences and roles in the scientific world, but we also found that a lot of WIS do not actively promote their research. Yet there are many women with astounding work in science with ground breaking results. So QNS WIS prepared names of famous female scientists from their own countries and gathered at Han River Park to promote them!

Memorize & recognize WIS game
Our QNS WIS played a game to memorize and recognize the WIS names that they each shared. It was a great and fun way to learn and promote WIS from around the world.

Discussion session
Our QNS WIS anonymously filled out a questionnaire and had a group discussion on work-related challenges they are facing in general or as a woman in particular. This discussion session will raise awareness to the QNS work environment to see how we can better help our students and researchers be their best.