Workshop Information

1From the airport to the Hotel

When arriving from Incheon international airport (ICN Terminal 1 or Terminal 2) look for a guide holding a QNS sign near sector D of the arrival area on the 1st floor of the respective terminal. We will guide you to the most convenient transportation options.

Airport Limousine Bus (Route 6002): These bus runs regularly (~15 min) intervals from Incheon Airport (T1, T2) and reaches Hongdae in Seoul after about 60 min. Get off at the 4th stop after leaving the airport. The stop name is Hongdae University Station. Cross the street and look for exit 1 of the Seoul subway – the Lotte L7 Hongdae is located only 100m down the street on your right side.

At Incheon international Airport Terminal 2
At Hongdae University Station

Airport express train (AREX): When arriving from Incheon international airport (ICN T1, T2) or Gimpo international airport (GMP) the fastest way to reach the hotel is with the airport express train (AREX: Both, the regular and the express train will stop at Hongik university station (Hongdae 홍대 ) the travel time is around 45 min. Look for exit 1 and walk straight until you see the Hotel Lotte L7 on the right side after approximately 100 meters.

Taxi: it is possible to take a taxi from the airport but depending on the traffic this can take very long and we do not recommend it.

After arriving at Incheon international airport or Gimpo international airport you can reach the hotel with the AREX (airport express train). The Lotte L7 hotel is located directly at exit 1 of Hongdae station.
2Welcome Dinner

On Sunday (26th) we host a welcome dinner. A pick-up will be arranged at the Lobby of the L7 Hotel. Please not that the Lobby is located on the 21th floor (not the ground level). Pick up will be at 6:00 pm.

We will serve Korean style barbecue at a restaurant near the L7 Hotel (we will provide a vegetarian option but please know that vegetarian options at Korean BBQs are limited). If you have any dietary restrictions/allergies please let us know so we can try to accommodate you as best as possible.

3From the Hotel to Workshop

On Monday (27th) a guide will pick you up at the L7 Hotel lobby (21th floor) at 8:00 am and take everyone to the Workshop location.

The Workshop location is at EWHA Womans University campus. It can be reached by subway line 2 (Hongdae University station to EWHA Womans University station – 2 stops).

The Lotte L7 Hotel and the Workshop venue are within 2 stops on the subway (Line 2 Hongdae – Sinchon – Ewha Womans University exit 3). From the metro station it is only a five minutes walk to the main gate of the campus.
4At Workshop

Sessions will be held from Monday to Thursday from 9:00. During coffee breaks snacks and coffee will be provided. Lunches are provided at restaurants within walking distance throughout the week. The presentations finish at 5:30 pm except for Thursday; please check the schedule for details.

The conference room is equipped with computer and projector. Speakers are welcome to use their own computer. Adapters for the most common connectors will be provided.

Additional information:

Monday: participants will be picked up at the lobby of L7 hotel (13th floor) at 8:00 am and brought to the Workshop venue.

Tuesday: We will host a conference dinner starting from 6:00 pm.

Wednesday: A poster-session will be held after the Workshop. Heavy appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided.