QNS Women in Science _ Creativity Workshop

QNS Women in Science Group organized a workshop called "Creativity Workshop" on September 23, 2022.
Our postdoc Caroline, graduate student Kyungju, and Serim led how to develop creativity.

Researchers gave feedbacks as follows.

The event started with 'Mind Map,' and they introduced 'brainwriting,' with a topic called “How can I explain my scientific work to a 6-year-old?”

In the end, they created some animals with leftover/unused materials. 

The QNS Women in Science Group will continue to organize interesting events.


Details of the event

Goal: Enhancing communication skills

Participants: Mainly QNS female researchers, students.

Leaders: Kyungju, Serim, Caroline

Where: B1, Jupiter

"Whether it's solving a problem or finding a gift, ideas are needed everywhere. The next Women in Science meeting will be all about innovative ideas - how to get them, and how to realize them. We will show you some ways for finding ideas and give you the chance to be creative by yourself. It's all about the creation process, seeing your colleagues becoming creative and so also building a deeper team spirit."