Quantum Materials: Two-Dimensional Superconductors in Nanometer Scale



This group is trying to synthesize two - dimensional (2D) superconductors, understand their principles of the superconductivity and apply them to a quantum nano device. The fact that superconductivity is bound to 2D is contrary to the existing theory that there is no long-range order in 2D. We realize that some thin-films behave as 2D superconductors and want to understand their nanoscopic physical origin.

We grow two-dimensional superconductors using molecular beam epitaxy or ultrahigh-vacuum pulsed-laser-deposition, and try to understand their physical properties within a nanometer-sized coherent island. We measure the order parameters from the electronic structures in the 2D islands and understand their superconducting mechanism. We also study the application of the quantum phenomenon that arises from the phase difference among the superconducting islands in nanometer scale.