Project “On Surface Quantum Chemistry”

About us:

The IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience focuses (QNS) on the exploration of systems and strategies for the fabrication of quantum nanostructures while aiming at achieving full control over the quantum states of the constituent atoms and molecules. QNS provides a world-class facility in an international environment at Ewha Womans University Seoul with breakthrough tools to create new frontiers in fundamental research. A newly established chemical laboratory will provide the equipment and environment for the synthesis and purification of custom molecular spins.

Job Overview:

Molecular spin qubits are sought as platforms to encode quantum information. Our aim is to develop designer molecular spin qubits by taking control over the variables that contribute to their performances, such as quantum coherence. The role of Chemistry is furthermore pivotal for the realization of extended and interconnected qubits architectures.

About the Role

We are seeking candidates with progressed chemistry laboratory experience and a Master's degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. Candidates should have experience managing small chemical research projects and have a good working knowledge of organic chemistry and chemical analysis. The Candidate’s responsibilities are:

  • Assist the chemistry team of QNS with chemical synthesis and analysis, instrument operation, and materials preparation
  • Assist QNS scientists and engineers and apply chemistry to solve internal projects
  • Adherence to the laboratory safety process
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues with laboratory equipment (UV-Vis, HPLC, Glovebox, ESI-MS, Centrifuges)
  • Participate and contribute to design reviews and meeting
  • Be willing to learn and be an active member in an international research environment
  • Be eager to assist with lab maintenance and cleanup to support scientists

We are looking for:

A proactive, independent, and enthusiastic chemistry engineer proficient in English and Korean. Experienced in synthetic organic chemistry and interested in molecular materials, on-surface synthesis and quantum technologies.

Contract type:

Yearly renewal contract


Applications should be sent by email to Hyein Lee( including:

  • Resume
  • Proof of progressed chemistry experience


Benefit and salary information available. For more information please contact