QNS: WTF is Quantum Nanoscience?

Science… literally changing the course of humanity one discovery at a time.

One of the most cutting-edge areas of scientific research is Quantum Nanoscience, which sounds like something from a James Bond movie.

But… WTF is it?

The word “Quantum” is derived from the Latin word “quantus,” which means quantity.

In Physics, quantum refers to the amount of energy something gives off. For example, quantum computing can use tiny amounts of energy to organize and move data.

The word “Nano” is derived from the Greek word “nanos,” which means dwarf. In Physics it means small—REALLY small. 1x10-9 to be exact.

QUANTUM NANOSCIENCE researches single atoms and their energy to discover how we can use them to build things one atom at a time. Harnessing atoms, which are the element of everything, is powerful.

In 2017, scientists working together with IBM discovered how to store 1 bit of information on 1 atom.

But, Quantum Nanoscience is still developing. New equipment and new fields of quantum nano-discoveries are being made each year.

The Center for Quantum Nanoscience is pushing the limits of knowledge in new and exciting ways by expanding the capabilities of how we understand atoms and what we can do with them.

That’s HUGE!