QNS Corona Guidelines

AUGUST 25, 2020

Which level is determined by the Korean/Seoul city government.
ALWAYS observe government guidelines, i.e. when symptomatic, social distancing, etc.

Level 1

a) Upon entering the building wash hands and continue washing hands throughout the day
b) Upon entering the building each day, every QNS team member and all visitors are required to visit the check-in station after washing their hands to check temperature and symptoms
c) Wear masks in common areas
d) Team members are clustered into research groups and each group can decide their own mask usage guidelines
e) QNS members who live together are considered a cluster
f) In person meetings with social distancing and limited attendance, seminars additionally broadcast into Hub

Level 2

Level 1 a)-d)

g) All meetings to be held online
h) Work from home preferred for all members who can
i) Students and interns can decide if they feel comfortable working in the building, they are not required to come
j) Limit student interns during the semester
k) Providing semester break student internships to be determined before each break
l) Masks to be worn at all times
  • PI’s, Ops & engineering team leader to reinforce mask usage and distancing within their groups
m) Hub: No more than 10 people in the Hub at any time
  • Break Hub into 3 zones: Café, Booths, Dining – limit movement between zones – enter and exit through exterior doors preferred
  • Café guidelines:
    • 2 people or 1 team at a time
    • Get coffee and leave, do not linger for extended conversations
    • Wear a mask, No Mask=No Talk
  • Booths guidelines:
    • 2 people per booth max
    • Booths are for food that is delivered or brought from home
    • Area to be reserved in advance by cluster – dine with cluster
    • If dining in off times no reservation is needed, observe all other guidelines, 2 person max
  • Dining guidelines:
    • Area to be reserved in advance by cluster – dine with cluster
n) Student office:
  • Limit use to a single team or 2 students per office
    • Students are requested to move to: F4 & F3 Pluto (one student per room), F4 & F3 Visitor rooms immediately

Level 3

Observe all government requirements

  • One person in lab if permitted
  • Max 2 persons in Hub at any time
QNS Essential Personnel Definition

  • Having sufficient knowhow to work somewhat independently
  • Research is conducted on hardware at QNS
  • Government Essential Personnel Definition

    • Safety and mission critical personnel: i.e. Liquid HE, …