Postdoctoral research associate in the collaborative effort between the QNS in Seoul (Republic of Korea) and the DIPC in San Sebastian (Spain)

We are searching for candidates for a postdoctoral position at the center for Quantum Nanoscience in Seoul (QNS) for collaborative theoretical projects with the Donostia International Physics Center in San Sebastian (DIPC). The postdoctoral worker will use total energy electronic structure calculations to explore and interpret experiments performed at QNS. Good working experience with density functional theory is a must and programming skills are desirable. Working knowledge of quantum chemistry methods is a plus. This work will be supervised by Drs. Wolf (QNS) and Lorente (CSIC and DIPC) and few-month stays at San Sebastian are expected.

4% of the salary is deduced for the excellent Korean health care. Taxes are between 6 to 9% depending on personal situation and an extra 4.5% for retirement rights are deducted from the salary although it is usually reimbursed as a lump sum when the foreign worker leaves Korea. Additionally, on leaving the workers are paid an extra month salary per year working at QNS.

The contract is renewed upon mutual consent on a yearly basis for three years. Vacations amount to 15 working days per year and a day is added every two worked years (this is about 3 weeks the first two years plus all official holidays including Saturdays and Sundays).