Post-Doc Position in
NV Center Lab

The Quantum Sensing lab at QNS is looking for a postdoctoral candidate. Scanning magnetometry at the nanometer scale has garnered world-wide attention since enhanced spatial resolution in magnetic resonance technique will enable the investigation of chemical structures of bio-molecules and materials at the atomic level.

In this Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) center project, we are developing novel scanning probe microscopes based on diamond NV centers. These centers are nanoscale spin qubits possessing long spin coherence time and high magnetic field sensitivity even at ambient conditions. We are utilizing the NV center as a probe tip of SPM, enabling three dimensional mapping of magnetic samples and molecules with nanoscale resolution. In 2020, we are integrating this scanning NV magnetometry with a low temperature cryostat. Although the NV centers exhibit excellent quantum properties at ambient condition, the quantum properties of the NV centers could be greatly enhanced at low temperatures. For instance, low temperature experiments will reduce thermal and mechanical drift, minimize phonon background, and lengthen spin coherence time, enabling sub-nanometer spatial resolution with greater magnetic field sensitivity.

  • Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, or Material Science or related areas
  • Excellent experimental skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills for interacting with a diverse group of researchers and technical staff

Preferred requirement
  • Optical measurement techniques
  • Low temperature experiments
  • Programming in Labview, MATLAB or Python
  • High frequency measurements
  • Interest in living in the Sinchon area in Seoul, an amazing metropolis at the heart of Asia



Benefit and salary information available. For more information please contact