Postdoctoral Researcher

Yi Chen

During his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, Yi studied local electronic structure of various novel single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides via low-temperature STM and AFM. Among other findings, his research uncovered the strong correlation phenomena including Mottness and spin liquid behavior in single-layer 1T-TaSe2. At QNS, Yi will use ESR-STM to manipulate and characterize single atomic and molecular qubits. Besides his research focus, Yi is broadly interested in quantum materials and quantum information, and his hope is to bridge the two fields by applying quantum sensing to quantum materials in the future.
2014 - 2020
PhD in Physics, University of California, Berkeley
2010 - 2014
BS in Physics Peking University
2020 - Current
Postdoctoral researcher at Center for Quantum Nanoscience(QNS), Institute for Basic Science(IBS), Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2014 - 2020
University of California, Berkeley, Graduate Research Assistant