Safa Ahmed

Jinkyung Kim

Jiyoon Hwang

Minhee Choi

Do Thi Nga

Hong Bui

Yejin Jeong

Shinjae Nam

Kyungju Noh

Kyungju Noh

QNS Student Internship Program

QNS hosts student interns from Ewha and around the world for paid internship programs. Students work in groups with close supervision, instruction, and discussion with QNS researchers. Groups work on real-world research projects. At the conclusion of the program students present their work to all QNS members
Past projects include:

  • Constructing an STM scan head, wiring to the electronics, and troubleshooting noise-reduction to achieve atomic resolution
  • Simulating tunneling spectroscopy on magnetic atoms on thin insulating films using spin Hamiltonians. Simulations performed with Mathematica and Matlab
  • Understanding X-ray spectroscopy measurements of atoms on surfaces
  • Designing and modeling resonator for surface-science electron spin resonance experiments operating at about 10 Gigahertz. Modeling based on Solidworks
  • Design and understand the functions of all ports of a ultra high vacuum sample preparation chamber. Design performed in Solidworks