Andreas Heinrich

Heinrich is a world-leading researcher in the field of quantum measurements on the atomic-scale in solids. He pioneered spin excitation and single-atom spin resonance spectroscopy with scanning tunneling microscopes – methods that have provided high-resolution access to the quantum states of atoms and nanostructures on surfaces. Heinrich spent 18 years in IBM Research, which uniquely positioned him to bridge the needs of industrial research and the academic world. Heinrich became a distinguished professor of Ewha Womans University in August 2016 and started the Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in January 2017.

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“If a man never contradicts himself, the reason must be that he virtually never says anything at all.”

- Erwin Schrödinger

PhD Physics, University of Göttingen, Germany
Masters (Diplom), University of Göttingen, Germany
2017 - Current
Director of Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) of Institute of Basic Science (IBS)
2016 - Current
Distinguished Professor at Ewha Womans University
2005 - 2016
Research Staff Member at IBM Almaden, Group leader on scanning probe microscopy and magnetic nanostructures on surfaces
2001 - 2004
Researcher / Engineer at IBM Almaden
1999 - 2001
Post Doc at IBM, Group of Don Eigler
A Special Keynote in Honor of the late Prof. Dr. Joachim Güntherodt
Foresight Institute 2018 Feynman Prize – Experimental: For advances in manipulating atoms and small molecules on surfaces and employing them for data storage and computation
Joseph F. Keithley Award from the American Physical Society: For Advances in Measurement Science
Awarded Directorship of the Center for Quantum Nanoscience as part of the Institute for Basic Science
Plenary Lecture at The 50th Annual International Meeting of the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Oxford: 'Electron Sun Resonance of Singe Atoms on a Surface'
Tutorial Lecture at the 10th International Conference on Advanced Materials: 'The Quantum Science of Atoms on Surfaces'
Plenary Lecture at the Korean Physical Society Fall Meeting: 'The Quantum Properties of Atoms on Surfaces'
Distinguished Fellowship under the Chinese Academy of Science President’s International Fellowship Initiative for 2016
Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: For the development of scanning tunneling microscope methods to study individual magnetic atoms by spin-excitation spectroscopy and nanosecond pump-probe techniques
Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, IBM: For the creation of the scientific movie ‘A Boy and his Atom’ and the resulting public engagement with IBM basic science research.
Plenary lecture at Dutch Physical Society Meeting, Veldhoven, The Netherlands: ‘A Brief History of Atom Manipulation’.
Fellow of the American Physics Society: For the development of spin excitation spectroscopy and nanosecond STM.
Plenary lecture at International Conference on Nanoscale Science and Technology (ICNT 2012), Paris, France: ‘Quantum or Classic: An atomic-scale perspective on magnetism on surfaces’.
Best of IBM Award (top 100 annual contributors out of 430,000 employees): For Atomic Scale Manipulation and Chemistry on Surfaces
Corporate Award, IBM: For Atomic Scale Manipulation and Chemistry on Surfaces.
Plenary lecture at German Physical Society Meeting, Dresden, Germany: ‘Probing the energetics and dynamics of individual atomic spins on surfaces’.
Outstanding Technical Achievement Award, IBM: For the development of a technique for measuring atomic forces during the manipulation of atoms on surfaces.
Plenary lecture at International Vacuum Congress (IVC 18), Beijing, China: ‘Nanosecond STM and quantum tunneling of magnetization’.
Zhong-Guan Cun Forum at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences: ‘An atomic-scale look at magnetic nanostructures on surfaces’.
Outstanding Innovation Award, IBM: For the development of a scanning tunneling microscope for the investigation and atomic-scale construction of magnetic nanostructures.
Plenary lecture at California Section of the American Physical Society, Long Beach, CA, USA: ‘Magnetism Revisited on the Atomic Scale’.
Plenary lecture at International Conference on Scanning Probe Microscopy and Related Techniques (SPM’13), Sapporo, Japan: ‘Inelastic STM spectroscopy at Low Temperatures’.
Plenary lecture at 32nd Annual Meeting of Canadian Microscopy Society, Hamilton, Canada: ‘Scanning Tunneling Microscopy’.
Plenary lecture at International Conference on Scanning Probe Microscopy and Related Techniques (SPM’12), Eindhoven, The Netherlands: ‘Molecule Cascades: Concepts and Applications’.
Research Division Award, IBM: For the development of molecule cascades, a novel concept for information processing on the atomic scale.
Plenary lecture at Spring Meeting of German Physical Society, Dresden, Germany: ‘The STM as a Hand in the Nanoworld’.
Feodor Lynen scholarship, the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Germany: Funded postdoctoral research at IBM.