Master Course Student Researchers at QNS

About us: The IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) is a basic research center located in the heart Seoul, South Korea. Our working language is English, 50% of our researchers come from outside of Korea, and 55% of our researchers are women. QNS is laying the foundation for future quantum technologies by exploring the use of quantum behavior atom by atom with highest precision. We focus on the fabrication and exploration of quantum nanostructures while aiming at achieving full control over the quantum states of the constituent atoms and molecules. QNS has become a leading center in the field of quantum-coherent nanoscience by filling our world-class facility with ground-breaking tools and inquisitive minds immersed in a culture of exploration.

[Research Topics]
1. Electron spin resonance of single atoms/molecules on a surface

Using electron spin resonance combined with a scanning tunneling microscope (ESR-STM), we attain the single spin sensitivity with atomic precision and implement coherent manipulation and readout of spins on surfaces. We have focused on some prototypical atoms and molecules carrying electron and/or nuclear spins on surfaces. We broaden the scope of ESR-STM research to include different atoms and molecules on various surfaces.

2. Computational Study of Quantum Spins on Surface

In this project, we aim to understand the properties of spins on or near surfaces using computational methods, such as Density Functional Theory. This allows us to predict the behavior of a system before it is experimentally studied. If you are interested in this project, you should have interest in computational physics, electronic structure calculations and theoretical solid state physics.

3. X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Magnetic molecules and atoms on surfaces are promising systems as nanoscale memory or quantum bits for quantum computing applications. This project aims at exploring novel atomic scale spin systems and characterize them using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The X-ray experiments are performed at national (Pohang) and international laboratories (Spain, France, Switzerland) and are complemented by surface characterizations using scanning tunneling microscopy in QNS.

4. AFM measurement on embedded rare earth

Rare earth atoms show interesting magnetic properties from 4f electrons. Magnetic anisotropy was measured by STM at rare earth atoms on surface but they should stay cold to prevent surface migration. Ensemble measurement for embedded rare atoms demonstrated interesting magnetic properties. It will be interesting to image with high-resolution AFM for their exact atomic structures and to measure their charge states.

5. Research Project: On Surface Quantum Chemistry

Molecules bearing electronic spins offer potential sources of qubits. They can be fabricated in large quantities, while offering high tunability of the spin environment and spontaneous aggregation in long-range ordered 2D or 3D lattices. The “On surface Quantum Chemistry“ project aims at developing surface-supported molecular spin arrays, by enforcing an approach that combines quantum mechanics, chemistry and surface science.

  • Current master candidates at Ewha Womans University (Female only)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Physics, Chemistry, or related fields
  • Salary: according to the Ewha's student labor cost regulations
Please email us if you want more detail.

Applications should be sent by email to QNS HR Team ( including,
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1) Cover Letter
2) Brief CV
3) Contact information for two references


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