Quantum Nanoscientiests react to Marvel Science

Quantum Nanoscientists React to Marvel Science

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MAY 14, 2019

While Marvel fans have waited a year to see Captain America, the scientific possibilities presented in the film are equally worthy of anticipation. From the real capabilities of nanotechnology to the validity of quantum reality, we asked three researchers at Ewha University Quantum Nanoscience Center to provide their expertise on some of the movie’s scientific elements. They take a more familiar approach to an otherwise difficult topic, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Watching baby Antman and grandpa Captain America, the viewers were intrigued by the future of time travel. So, what are the expert opinions and reactions toward the newest release: Endgame? Time travel, nonsense. Our researchers describe it merely as a plot device, nothing more nothing less. That statement leads us to the underlying facts of quantum nanoscience, which are not quite what they seem to be. In fact, everything from its basic principles to its application within the movie seem unreasonable.

Even Tony Stark and Hank Pym aren’t like the typical quantum nanoscientist; our researchers at QNS mostly work on computers, analyzing and studying the magnetic phenomena at the atomic scale. The studies our scientists have conducted raise questions about the plausibility of the technology being applied to real-life in the near future.

Will there ever be a time when you will be able to press a button on your chest and become Iron Man? Will there ever be a time when you can use a pym particle to enter the quantum realm? Will there ever be a time when you will be able to time travel to an important moment of your life?

The answer is yes and no. Our researchers hint at a higher potential for self-assembling suits (i.e. the use of graphene - carbon based structure) and so on. Sneak peak: though some components sound unreasonable, but it may not be entirely impossible. Perhaps, in the very distant future, we, ourselves, will one day become Earth’s mightiest heroes.
Authors: Kyuwon Lee, Soyeon Kim, Jaesun Lee