IBS Conference Preview

International IBS Conference on Quantum Nanoscience

MAY 1, 2019

The Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) presents an International IBS Conference for Quantum Nanoscience (ICQNS2019). The conference will take place in Lee SamBong Hall in Ewha Womans University (Seoul, South Korea) on September 25 - 27, 2019.

The main topic of the conference is a novel research field at the intersection of quantum and nanoscience. Quantum science studies the quantum mechanical properties of matter and molecular nanoscience focuses on materials at the atomic scale.

There are many conferences that cover subfields of this research area but as far as the organizers know, there is currently no conference that attempts to bring this broader community under one roof. We hope to bring together experts and young scientists from all around the globe in this exciting research topic.

17 invited speakers from Europe, Asia, USA and Australia have already confirmed their participation. Among them:

Roberta Sessoli
Department of Chemistry, University of Florence, Italy
Prof. Sessoli is the co-inventor of molecular magnetism, the first person to observe quantum tunneling of magnetization in molecules, and discovered the most famous single-molecule magnet.
Daniel Loss
Department of Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland
Prof. Loss is the leader in the theory of quantum computing proposals using molecules, quantum dots, etc.
Jörg Wrachtrup
Physics Department of University of Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Wrachtrup is the inventor of the nitrogen vacancy center in diamond. Expert in combining quantum optics with materials.
Andrew Dzurak
School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW, Australia
Prof. Dzurak is one of the leaders of silicon based quantum sensing and quantum computing on silicon.
William D. Oliver
Department of Physics, Director at MIT Lincoln Lab, USA
Prof. Oliver is representing the most advanced quantum computing technology: superconducting devices.
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer
Department of Physics, KIT Karlsruhe, Germany
Prof. Wernsdorfer has a storied career with many breakthroughs, including recently conducting quantum computing algorithms with a single molecule.

The full list of our speakers you can find here - https://icqns.org/#speakers.

IBS Conference on Quantum Nanoscience presents five different sessions:

Session 1. What is Quantum Nanoscience?

In this session, we will describe a working definition as well as interesting concepts and examples of quantum systems at the nanoscale that enable quantum-coherent functionality.

Session 2. Quantum Sensing with Nanoscale Systems.

Quantum systems can make incredibly sensitive sensors of their environment. At the nanoscale this can be combined with high spatial resolution.

Session 3. Theory Challenges in Quantum Nanoscience.

Quantum Nanoscience has diverse needs for theoretical investigations ranging from modelling with high precision to the investigation and understanding of quantum coherence.

Session 4. Quantum Surface Science at the Nanoscale.

Surfaces of materials offer the opportunity to use scanning probe techniques to measure their properties. This can be combined with atomic-scale manipulation to build structures with atomic-scale precision. Recently it has become possible to perform quantum-coherent manipulation of atoms on surfaces.

Session 5. A Chemical Route to Quantum Nanoscience.

We will explore possible pathways from quantum coherent effects in interesting molecules to the future dream of self-assembled quantum computers.

Authors are kindly invited to submit their abstracts until June 15th. After that the committee will make a decision on all proposals. The number of accepted proposals is limited!

The early-bird registration is until July 5th.
To register on the IBS Conference on Quantum Nanoscience, please, follow this link: https://icqns.org/registration/