Ph.D at QNS – project “Electron Spin Resonance of Atoms/Molecules on Surfaces”

Research-Topic: Explore atoms/molecules for implementing quantum coherent control

About us: The IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) is a basic research center located in the heart Seoul, South Korea. Our working language is English, 50% of our researchers come from outside of Korea, and 55% of our researchers are women. QNS is laying the foundation for future quantum technologies by exploring the use of quantum behavior atom by atom with highest precision. We focus on the fabrication and exploration of quantum nanostructures while aiming at achieving full control over the quantum states of the constituent atoms and molecules. QNS has become a leading center in the field of quantum-coherent nanoscience by filling our world-class facility with ground-breaking tools and inquisitive minds immersed in a culture of exploration.

About the Project: Quantum coherent control and readout of atomic/molecular spins on surfaces have been demonstrated in all electrical fashion using electron spin resonance in a scanning tunneling microscope (ESR-STM). While there are an infinite number of atomic/molecular spins available on surfaces, ESR-STM studies have so far only been applied to three different atoms and a molecule on the same surface of MgO/Ag(100). Using ESR-STM, we plan to investigate atomic/molecular species on a variety of substrates, including different insulating layers (e.g. NaCl), superconductors, and semiconductors.”

Primary scientific tasks will be:
  • Execution of experiments using a low-temperature STM with ESR capability, data analysis, and preparation of manuscripts
  • Investigation of electron and nuclear spins for quantum coherent manipulation.

  • Master's Degree in Physics, Chemistry, or related fields
  • Experience on scanning probe microscope or electron spin resonance techniques
  • Enthusiasm to explore science at atomic level
  • Fluent English speaking

Employment Detail:
  • Contract condition: yearly renewal contract (based on one's performance, it is extendable for multiple years)
  • Salary: according to the internal regulations
  • o Please email us if you want more detail.
  • Annual leave: according to the Korean Labor law

Employment for domestic candidates:
  • Additional requirement for contract: current doctoral candidate at Ewha Womans University (Female only)
  • Salary: according to the Ewha's student labor cost regulations
  • o Please email us if you want more detail.

Applications should be sent by email to QNS HR Team ( including,
in one PDF file:

1) Cover Letter
2) Brief CV
3) Contact information for two references



Benefit and salary information available. For more information please contact