What is Quantum Science?
March 1, 2017
Magnetic Hard Drives Go Atomic – Nature.com
March 9, 2017
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We Are All Stars

Everything is made from atoms! That includes the screen that you are reading this on and even yourself. Most of the hydrogen atoms in your water molecules were created in the Big Bang, however all the heavier atoms that are essential for life were made in stars! Those early stars burned up, exploded and their remnants were later incorporated into our solar system.

At QNS we are investigating how individual atoms behave when we place them on the surface of a material such as gold. Furthermore, we use our tools to move the atoms and build structures one atom at a ,me, which allows us to learn about the ways that atoms interact with each other. In some sense, we are making atoms into real objects which we can touch and control, with ultimate precision.


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